Saturday, January 27, 2007

amphibians and reptiles

Yesterday was a beautiful day! It has been cold & rainy most of the past 2 weeks, so we decided to take advantage of a warm (low 60's), sunny day.

After lunch, we had a scheduled docent tour at our museum. It was supposed to be on Texas Wildlife, but there were boxes piled up in the exhibit. So, they decided to give us a tour of the new Frogs exhibit instead - for free!

Since we'd studied frogs on Monday with our friends, I was happy to see that I'd covered the subject pretty well. We knew most of what the guide had to tell us, but we learned some new things, too. And, I loved seeing some live salamanders!

The frogs were amazing. Alexandra loved watching the tadpoles and everyone loved the poison dart frog exhibit. Alexandra even made a new friend.

After the tour, we went to the zoo. Besides looking at some other animals, we went to the amphibian and reptile building. We're going to study reptiles briefly this week, so I thought this would be a great place to start. Since Alexandra already knew the main types of amphibians, she had no problem figuring out which animals were the reptiles. And, of course, we discussed some of their differences. It's neat to be able to put what we're learning "to the test!"
By the way, all of the photos were taken at the zoo - I didn't take any at the exhibit. And, Alexandra took the picture of the crocodile (although I cropped it). Her's actually came out better than mine! And, I think I figured out that is best to take photos at an angle if you are taking them through glass, like I was for these animals. I'll test it some more next time.

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