Thursday, January 11, 2007

Math Games

I decided to take at least 2 days off from our math curriculum and play games. Today, we played 2 games I'd found in Games for Math by Peggy Kaye (I recommend all of her books!). T
The first game was a multiplication game called Star Count. Each person throws the die and draws that many circles. Then, you through it again and draw that many stars in each circle. (We changed it to dots & then dashes as they're quicker.) You then write a problem (ex. 3 (circles) X 4 (stars)) and figure out the answer - we used our skip counting to find the answers! This was a hit!
For the 2nd game, we created a big game board (see photo). Alexandra made the title and decorated it while I filled in the spaces. Then, I had written a bunch of addition and subtraction problems (under 10's) and you moved according to the answer. Great review and she loved it!!! We played it twice and she wants to play it again & again. Yeah!!! :-)

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This game looks awesome! I have been working on a post about making your own educational games. I will have to link to this one!


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