Monday, September 10, 2007

Turtle Trip

While in Chicago (and I know I still need to post about days 4 and 5!), we saw this turtle at Shedd Aquarium. We watched him for maybe 10 minutes while he SLOWLY stretched out a foot as he TRIED to climb down this STEEP slope. I really wasn't sure he could do it. I thought he might fall on his back.

Well, twice I turned on my recorder to see what I could catch on film. The second time, he made it!!! He slid QUICKLY down the hill... and was still right-side up. He was very still after this and Alexandra wondered if he'd died. I told her, "No, he's probably resting after that scary ride!"

So, enjoy this little turtle as he rests up and gets ready for some food. (Why do you think they made it so hard for him to get to his food?)

1 comment:

Robin said...

ROTFLOL! Too funny!

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