Sunday, September 16, 2007

The Tail of a Gecko

Today a small gecko, about 1.5 inches, got in our door jam so we had to get him out to shut the door. Unfortunately, his tail came out so this makes him more susceptible to predators. Usually, a gecko will drop his tail if he is captured and the predator should go after the wiggling tail instead of the gecko. So, now the poor gecko is in more danger - until his tail grows back.

But, I couldn't resist the urge to show Alexandra the tail. And, we got out her microscope and took the above photo at 60X. Isn't it neat?

The tail continued to wiggle for several minutes and we videotaped him with our digital microscope. Even after it stopped wiggling, it would start again if we touched it. Pretty neat defense system! (By the way, it was a lot more active at the beginning. This is probably 3-5 minutes after the tail fell off.)


Anonymous said...

that is probably one of most interesting (yet eerily yucky) things I've seen in a while. something about detached body parts gives me the cooties :)

Teacher of One said...

Too cool!

Stories like this is why I an giving you a "You Make Me Smile" award. Stop by Boys+ and snatch your badge.

Unknown said...

My boys think this was the coolest thing. Thanks for sharing.

Barb-Harmony Art Mom

Robin said...

Omg!! I'm fascinated and grossed out all at the same time. And you are right, I've got to get one of those microscopes. Very cool!
Geez! I can't believe how behind I am on your blog.

Anonymous said...

Dana, I LOVE your gecko tail video! I will have to show it to Caddie first thing tomorrow morning. She is very 'into' five-lined skinks here in Ga. They lose their tails too, but they never move. Cool!

Supreme Gecko said...

I've only had this happen one time while working with hundreds of crested geckos so it is not a common happening at all.
Supreme Gecko

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