Saturday, September 15, 2007

Magnets & a Compass

We studied (played with?) magnets this week using a kit from The Young Scientists Club. We talked about how like poles repel and opposite poles attract. And, we experimented with finding the north and south pole on different shaped magnets. We also made a compass, above. And, it worked! (The compass was part of studying the Explorers with KONOS.)

And, Alexandra taped a magnet to the top of this little car and showed how she could move the car because "like poles repel." This was lots of fun!

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Robin said...

I looked at your link for the Young Scientists Club, and it looks really interesting. Do you get a different kit each month, or are you picking and choosing one kit at a time? I KNOW that GB would like these kits. What do you think of the quality of these kits? Sometimes I get disappointed in kits like this.

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