Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Meet the Author - Jane Kurtz

On Friday, we went to a homeschool event at our museum to kick-off a new book club. They invited author Jane Kurtz to be the guest speaker. She grew up in Ethiopia from the time she was 2 years old and has traveled the world extensively. Many of her children's books are about Ethiopia.

Mrs. Kurtz was a wonderful, entertaining speaker. And, I was amazed to learn that Ethiopia has mountains! And, that there are very few books in Ethiopia, but she's working with others to chanage that through Ethiopia Reads.

One of my favorite stories she told was about how she was homeschooled in Ethiopia. But, she would watch other children walk miles - without shoes! - to get to school because they loved school so much. She thought school must be such a wonderful place!

I really wanted Alexandra to meet a "real" author and to instill in her that she can accomplish anything she wants to accomplish. And, that authors are just "real" people.

This was a great opportunity and I'm glad I made the effort to go, as it wasn't very "convenient." And, I'm just so thankful our museum (actually museums!) offer so many wonderful programs for homeschoolers!

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Robin said...

Sweet! I love meeting authors. I hope to have one in my family someday. That's Aquagirl's dream. **smiles proudly**
The book sounds truly inspiring. Have you finished it yet?

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