Friday, September 28, 2007

Sea World: Day 2

Alexandra and me after our 6:30 am visit to the dophins - after sleeping on a hard floor and  no shower :-)

Saying goodbye to Sea World... for 1 hour (we ended up being there 23 hours with a 1 hour break!!!)

Alexandra and her  new friend waiting to leave... (loved how they were standing their with their matching pony tails)

Although the gates don't officially open until 10:00 am, they open the gates at 9:00 am for a dolphin feeding time. Alexandra and I both fed and TOUCHED the dolphins!!! What an incredible experience! And, there were very few people there as this early opening isn't advertised. Incredible!!!

Waiting for a bite to eat...

Stretching out to touch a dolphin

Alexandra enjoyed sitting in the "wet zone" at this show - her new friend even go to crank the handle to "turn the water off"(Alexandra is in a pink shirt by the rail in the row in behind the actor)

Alexandra and new friends on Journey to Atlantis ride - she's on the back row, far right, with hand in air - I rode this once.... and got quite wet :-)

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