Thursday, September 20, 2007

Geography and the Explorers

Our online KONOS co-op is currently studying the explorers. Along with that topic, we're studying geography. For example, since we're studying the Caribbean area that Columbus and other explorers explored, we're learning the names of the islands, bodies of water, etc, in that area. I came up with this neat idea of printing out a map, placing it on a sheet of corkboard (I got 4 of them for about $6 at WalMart) and then we take turns naming a place and the other person needs to place a pin in it. We're both really enjoying this game and have learned a lot! (Geography is NOT one of my strong points!)

We also used a Montessori approach to learning some land and water forms. We made models of the various land/water forms from Model Magic (which actually began to dissolve and get slimey in the water!) and added blue-colored water to make the water. For example, Vasco de Balboa crossed the isthmus of Panama, so we made this peninsula to show what that term means. (I'd seen another homeschooling blogger do something similar - but, unfortunately I don't remember who!)


Robin said...

That looks like a fun geography game. I think I'll see if GB wants to give it a go.
I saw that blog, too. But darned if I can remember, either. Sorry.

Jennifer said...

We did it once and really enjoyed it. Here's our link

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