Saturday, September 15, 2007

Chicago - Day 4 - Hershey

Another of Alexandra's favorite places in Chicago was the Hershey's store. Yum! She got to crank some handles and fill her own bucket of chocolate (which we're still eating on).

And, she got to design her own cupcake. Wow! Chocolate cupcake with chocolate fudge icing and Hershey bars for a face. It was yummy, but she (we!) barely ate any of it and then accidentally left it somewhere.
After this, we went across the street to the Ghiradelli store and my mom & Alexandra shared a sundae while I had a chocolate shake. Delicious! (And that was pretty much dinner for the night - great mom, huh?) :-)


Robin said...

Please tell me she did not eat that entire cake! Wow, chocolate overload. I'll bet Grandma and Mom had to help her out.
I'll tell you, I absolutely LOVE the look on Alexandra's face. SOOO cute!

Robin said...

Woops! Missed the 'accidentally left it somewhere' part.

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