Monday, June 12, 2006

Pollinating Flowers

After taking last week off because of art camp, we are back "in session" today. We only did school for about 1.5 hours today, which is pretty normal for us but I'd like to see us do more. We covered Bible, Math (RightStart), handwriting (Bible verse) and Botany. I had also planned to spend time reading aloud to each other and working on our newest unit, Volcanoes!

In Botany, we were studying pollination. The project was to go and take the pollen from the anther of one flower and put it on the stigma of another flower. We used our hibiscus flowers which have just started to bloom. We were amazed at how much pollen we could get from the anthers! And, the stigmas were sticky and held the pollen just as they should. Alexandra was having lots of fun and went back and forth between the only 2 flowers we could get to today.

This 2nd picture shows the pollen we placed on the stigma. We'll be keeping our eyes on both flowers to see what, if anything, happens!

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