Thursday, June 29, 2006

The Gettysburg Address

Tonight, Alexandra and I read Lincoln's Gettysburg Address... twice. I read it to her and then she read it (with help). Since I didn't enjoy history much as a child, I'm just amazed at her love for it. And, reading "real books" and picture books, is such a better way to learn history than from a text book!

I just love homeschooling and that we can follow whatever interests she has at the moment. In fact, I'm wondering about my plan to do Story of the World next year, as I love going off on our tangents and not having a plan to follow. But, I do know, that if SOTW doesn't work for us, that we can always go back to what is working for us. And, I'm so happy to be learning and appreciating history right alongside my daughter. I would have never guessed that a 5-year-old would enjoy the Gettysburg Address!

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