Friday, June 09, 2006

Art Around the World - Greece

At our local art museum, they are having 3 classes per week for kids this summer that focus on art around the world. On Thursday, we went to our first class. We missed story time because of swim team, and I'm not sure if the stories are related or not.

We did go to Creation Station where you create your own art. They were making "Grecian pottery" out of clay. They taught the children how to make pinch pots and coil pots. Alexandra made a coil pot and then painted it black. It also has 2 handles which are kind of hard to see in the photo.
She also got a passport and a passport photo to record her art "travels" this summer. And, she got a "stamp" (sticker) for Greece.

The 3rd part of each day's travels is sketching in the gallery. We both got camp stools, clip boards, pencils and erasers (you could also get colored pencils) and headed to the Greek portion of the library. We both sketched a horse with a rider, but I accidentally got black paint (from the pottery) on Alexandra's sketch. We both had so much fun! I'm glad she enjoys art so much, and that we have such a child-friendly art museum.

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