Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Cooking Dinner

We had such a fun day today! Alexandra slept in today and then we cleaned house (she helped me vacuum & mop). Then, we made sock puppets - they turned out cute! Later, we went to the library to make "clothes pin animals." She made a butterfly & I made a lizard. And, we went shopping for Nana's birthday.

When we got home, Alexandra helped me make dinner! I'm trying to cook more & we're trying out some recipes from "30 Day Gourmet." You make larger batches of food & freeze some for later. Tonight we tried "Taco Rollups." Alexandra made one batch & I made the other. We thawed some frozen bread dough & then pushed it out flat. Then, we spread shredded cheddar cheese on it followed by taco-seasoned meat. Then, we rolled it up (I had to do this part), cut it in slices, and baked it. It was fun & pretty good, too! But, very messy. :-) I'm glad she likes to cook!!!

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nanatoalex said...

Alex - these look really good -- next time you come to Kansas Papa and I will have you make some for us. You are becoming quite the little cook. Before long mom and dad can sit back and enjoy lots of goodies you make.

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