Friday, June 09, 2006

Art Camp

Alexandra is going to a multimedia "art camp" this week. She is really enjoying it!

Day 1: Picasso

On Day1 , they studied Picasso. Alexandra used oil pastels to create a 2-sided picture. On the left is her Picasso inspired picture of herself in her bed. She told me that Picasso used different shapes for things. For example, her doors are triangles instead of rectangles. On the right is a "regular" picture of Alexandra in her own bed.

Day 2: Georgia O'Keefe

On Day 2, they used water colors to paint flowers like Georgia O'Keefe. The teacher said she loves Georgia O'Keefe and her dog is named Georgia. They learned that O'Keefe likes to paint very large flowers and usually uses a dark border on the flowers to separate them from the background. Note the large flower that has a dark outline to separate the blue flower from the blue background.

Day 3:
On Day 3, they discussed jungles. Alexandra used oil pastel powders, which were very messy. (I'm not sure if I got the name of them right.) She painted a zebra, 2 butterflies, a bird, a tree, and a snake.

Day 4:
On Day 4, they talked about things that move. Alexandra and a new friend, Hailey, decided to do the same picture. They both painted a barn and a tractor. Since they both wanted a different color for the barn, they decided to paint one half purple and the other half green. Alexandra also put sequins for the chicken's eyes, the barn's doorknobs, and the tractor's lights.

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