Wednesday, January 09, 2008

Zooming in on the birds

I got my zoom lens for my new camera yesterday! And, our backyard has been so active with birds. So, I had plenty of subjects to try and shoot! What's nice is I can just crack my back door open and take these photos!

Here's a femaled red-bellied woodpecker. The male would have more red on its head. We've only seen this female.
This is a beautiful white-winged dove. We had 5 of them hanging around today and we'd never seen them before! I love seeing "new" birds!

Here's a photo of one of the white-winged doves at the feeder. They're so much bigger than most of our other birds!

And here is a Carolina Wren that has been faithfully visiting the past few weeks. He was going around our pool pecking under the rocks. I think he was looking for and possibly finding bugs. I guess I need to research what they eat, but he seems quite happy at our feeders.

I hope to get more photos of birds tomorrow. And, we have a Nature Day on Friday. I can't wait to try my new camera and lens out then!


live4evermom said...

Oh wonderful! I can't wait to get my lens. I love my new camera but need that lens to get a better closeup picture of the birds.

Robin said...

Gosh your pool is pretty!.... The birds are pretty too! I just love the woodpecker. We've had a male one, just like yours, hanging around our feeders lately.
Have you ever seen this site?
It's pretty good. GB is after me to put up some more birdhouses, and I like the way this one helps you figure out which ones to put up and the best location for them.

Rhonda said...

I found your blog through a homeschool blog that I frequently visit. I just love the photos of the birds. We have mourning doves in our backyard every morning and my girls enjoy watching them. The little wren by your pool was a great photo. When my girls were studying birds, we never did find a wren, so it was nice letting them look at the photo that you had. It looks like you are really enjoying that new lens and camera. Keep up the great work.

Marjorie said...

Oh, I am jealous! What a great lens! How fun that you can actually take pictures of birds and be able to see them :-) Keep it up.

lindafay said...

You have some beautiful nature pics on your blog. How inspiring!

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