Monday, January 21, 2008

Regular Visitor and Feeling Sick

Our hawk has become a regular visitor. We've seen him every day for the past 3 days. We haven't positively identified it - it seems to be either a juvenile or a female, which are harder to identify. (Try enlarging the photo.)

School went pretty well today, though Alexandra was complaining of a sore throat. She had her piano lesson today, and near the end she just seemed so tired. She was freezing on the way home - 1/2 mile - and wanted several blankets. She laid down on the couch and quickly fell asleep. An hour later, I checked on her and she had a fever of 102. When she woke up an hour later, her fever was 103.

She's taken some medicine and is feeling better and eating now. (And, watching tv.) So, we'll skip school tomorrow. If she's up to it, I hope to do some crafts with her. She'll also get to lay around and watch tv. I hope she gets well quickly - our Mozart field trip is Wednesday!


Robin's Nesting Place said...

I hold my breath when I see the Cooper here too. Although lately I've been cheering it on, wanting it to help clear out some of my starling and sparrow population.

I hope Alexandra if feeling better really soon. My daughter had a nasty virus for quite a few days now, and my son has just come down with it too. I'm try to ward it off with lots of vitamin C and other immune builders.

live4evermom said...

Looks like a juvenile Cooper's Hawk to me. Your picture came out great.

My boys were sick but they took turns so it took longer for everyone to get better. Hope it's not the flu. Mine had fever for 4 days. Not fun!!

Glad you joined in on the fun over at my blog.

Rebecca said...

Hello there! Stopping by to thank you for seeking out my blog and leaving a few kind words behind for me! It was a pleasant surprise!

While seeing a hawk as close as you have been able is truly a gift-I hope He leaves the other birds be!

Also-I really enjoyed that short movie clip called Animal School that you posted. Gets you thinking, doesn't it?!

theheartofthehome said...

I appreciate you dropping by my blog and leaving such kinds words. I have been "lurking" around your blog enjoying the music and the pictures. This hawk is simply awesome. DS was amazed. The picture enlarged is truly incredible, too.
Thanks for sharing your dictation lessons. I am kind of starting with Beechick's ways and enjoy hearing how others incorporate it into their days.
Also am loving the operas and videos. It thrilled my heart to finally find the origin of one of my favorite songs from the Tran-Siberian Orchestra, The Queen of the Night. Never knew where it was from. DS and I sat here and watched some of your clips. He is quite fascinated by these.
Again thanks for dropping by. I will be dropping by often.
Many blessings,

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