Friday, January 25, 2008

Sick: Day 4

Yesterday was day 4 of Alexandra being sick - and she's STILL sick this morning! Still running a temp and has a pretty bad cough. I sure would appreciate some prayers for quick healing and that my husband and I don't get this. Thanks!

Her energy comes and goes, so we took a few breaks from TV during the day and did a little fun "school." On our first break, we read a couple chapters of Charlotte's Web which needs to be finished for our book club next Friday.

On our second break, we did some Sweetheart math. First, we graphed the Sweethearts from the box. Then, we wrote fractions for the number of each color compared to the whole amount. For example, we had 6 white Sweethearts and a total of 26 Sweethearts. So, the fraction was 6/26. Then, we talked about how to simplify it to 3/13. This is a new concept we are working on. Our 3rd Sweetheart math was division. I had her eat 2 Sweethearts so we'd have only 24. Then, we worked on dividing them into groups of 3, 4, etc. (We got some of the ideas from mathwire and the rest I made up.)
Our last break was spent with a great art book called Art Auction Mystery by Nilsen. (There are 2 other books like this from this author and we've tried The Great Art Scandal.) We actually worked about 1.5 hours on this book and got about half done! In the book, there are 34 pieces of artwork by famous artists (really). 16 of the pieces are forgeries and you have to detect the forgeries and find out how many mistakes were made. (We usually have to cheat a little.) There is also info about each artist and their artwork.
So, not only do you learn about the various artists and pieces of art, you also get to study the art and find the mistakes. I'm not doing this book justice with my "review" - I just encourage you to try it!


live4evermom said...

Thanks for the suggestions on those books. I'll look into them now.

Heidi said...

What a fun way to learn math! And an educational way to have a treat. Brilliant!

Makita said...

My DD was sitting on my lap as I read your blog and she said, "Oh! Can we do that!" I'm off to buy Sweethearts! :)

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Rhonda said...

Math with the little hearts is so neat! My little one will be working with them next week in additon and also making graphs using Hershy Kisses and Hershey's Hugs with and without almonds. I think that she will really enjoy it even more when she gets to eat them. LOL!

My prayers are with your daughter hon. I know that she has been sick for awhile now since I have been following your blogs. So sorry to hear that she is still not well.

Robin said...

Gosh! What a great day! It doesn't seem like you missed much. You actually got a lot of work snuck in. And I also love the sweet heart math. Great job, as usual Dana!

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