Sunday, January 06, 2008

Black Out

This was so... strange! We were reading a book about electricity tonight - The Magic School Bus and the Electric Field Trip. Alexandra got a Snap Circuit kit for Christmas (and it is fun!!!) and we are considering studying electricity very soon. But, we were actually reading this book for our local museum's book club.

Anyway, we had just finished reading in the book about black outs. And, all of a sudden, our electricity went out! And, it isn't raining or windy or anything. It was so strange! We got a big laugh out of it. And, usually, the electricity will just go out for 2 or 3 seconds. This "black out" lasted about a whole minute! We were still sitting on the bed trying to decide if we should go look for a flashlight and telling Daddy how we were just reading about electricity and black outs when the lights came back on. I couldn't have planned this any better if I'd tried!

I am curious if any of you have Snap Circuit kits and have actually made a study of them OR if you've just studied electricity with your kid(s) and perhaps blogged about it. I'd be interested in reading about it! (If so, could you leave me a link?) I wish we could study EVERYTHING at once! It's so hard picking just a few things at a time.

Happy Homeschooling!


Theresa said...

What a neat coincidence!
My 12 yo son has the large snap circuits kit and he loves it. We've never done a study with it, he just follows the experiments in the guide. But dd (6) just got a smaller set for Christmas and we will be doing some work with it starting this week!Another coincidence!
I don't have any formal plans yet, but I'll be glad to post whatever we do.

Marsha said...

Nope, we haven't done that here... yet. How fun that the electricity went out at such an opportune moment! Talk about driving a point home! :-)

Jennifer said...

We've done electricity before and LOVED it. Here's our page on what we did and resources if you want to check it out.

Robin said...

GB had Snap Circuits on his Christmas list, but he didn't get any. I was kind of disappointed, so you'll have to let me know if you think they are worth it. His birthday is coming in February.
I'm glad your electricity outage wasn't a serious one. Maybe construction somewhere?....

Makita said...

Wow! Snap Circuit kits are very cool! When I taught electricity in PS, we just used inexpensive stuff I could get at Radio Shack or Walmart.

One activity that I think is important is to create a map of how electricity gets to our home... starting with the energy source:
Fossil Fuels
Wind will discover there are similarities & differences.

They can then discuss pros/cons of each.

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