Thursday, January 24, 2008

Sick: Day 3

Yesterday was Alexandra's third day of being sick. And, yes, she's still sick today. She still has a fever and yesterday added a stuffy nose and a cough. At least the last 2 nights have been very easy!

Yesterday, we decided to do a science experiment that martinzoo had done in December. (Check out her site - they did a great job of sharing the experiment with photos and videos!) Alexandra has been going through spurts of energy, but then she tires quickly. So, we got about half-way done and took a break. Later, we finished it but it didn't turn out as it should. We still had fun, though.

We also made this Valentine's tree from a kit we got at Michael's. We had lots of fun with this, too, until she got too tired. We're going to try to do a few things today, too, but I'll watch her energy level. She's been watching LOTS of TV, which is a real treat to her.


live4evermom said...

Ok so I hate to burst your bubble but mine were sick with fever for 4days or was it 5? Anyway, he was not 100% for days after that. That ugly deep chest cough lasts for weeks. Sounds like yours has the same thing mine had. Except since I have 3 boys it took about 2 weeks till we got back to doing school between one and then the other being sick.

Hope yours gets better soon.

Robin said...

Like Martha, I hope she gets better soon. I love the tree! That is really cool looking. It looks hard to make to me.
Out of curiosity, what kind of tv shows does Alexandra like and been watching? Has she ever watched Bindi's show?

Rhonda said...

Sorry to hear that she is still sick. Poor little thing. I am surprised that she was up do doing any kind of work. She did a wonderful job on that Valentine's tree. It is adorable and will make for a cute centerpiece on your table during Valentine's Day.

Sherri said...

I love the tree!!

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