Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Turkey Vultures

On the way home from church Sunday, I saw an unusual visitor in our neighborhood - a turkey vulture. (The turkey vulture has a bald, red head.) By the time I drove the 3 blocks home and back, another turkey vulture was there to enjoy the feast. They were actually sitting on a rooftop waiting to continue their meal, but I didn't wait around long enough for them to come back down. It was lunch time for us, too.

I grew up in Kansas and Oklahoma and the site of vultures here in Texas - both turkey vultures and black vultures - still surprises me and makes me want to stop and watch. They are so big! And, kind of scary and ugly. I've only seen one in my neighborhood once before - and he was sitting on the roof across the street from me!


Rhonda said...

Turkey vultures. Wow! That is something I have never heard of before. I sure would be surprised if I found something like that on my roof...and scared too. LOL!

Robin said...

We have a chicken farm about three miles from our neighborhood. Wild animals are always stealing the chickens and so turkey vultures can be seen all year long.
And, whew! They are freaky looking! Big, ugly and dangerous looking.
I've even seen one three streets away from my house before.
Great pictures! As usual!

live4evermom said...

Those a great pictures. I've always seen them on the road. Have you noticed the difference between the turkey vultures and the black vulture when they are flying? I've learned to tell the difference. It's pretty neat.

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