Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Feeling Better & Signing Up

Alexandra is feeling much better today. So, her virus lasted less than 48 hours - and only 1 night! We'll try to do some crafts and fun "schooly" things today, but we'll return to "real" school tomorrow.
UPDATE: I spoke too soon. Her temperature has been rising all morning, though she's still feeling pretty good right now.

I did go ahead and sign up for
Project FeederWatch today. They told me it'll take 2-3 weeks to get my kit, but I can start taking data right away. So, I'll read over it better today so we can get started.

I also signed up today for
Tomatosphere . My friend over at martin zoo did this last year and really enjoyed it. Here's one of her posts, but if you search her sight for "tomatosphere", you'll find several more.

I also enjoyed the photos of this
hummingbird's nest that I got from a yahoo group. Can you believe how small they are!!!
I have lots of planning to do today - we need to get back into our history studies, our book club starts next week and I'm in charge - we're doing Charlotte's Web, and our co-op starts next week and I'm teaching about genetics. I also need to post about our Mozart studies. We had a lot of fun, though it was really just reading - no projects. I think I mentioned it yesterday, but today was our big field trip to see The Magic Flute, and we of course won't be there.


live4evermom said...

Yep, that's how it was here. They felt fine then boom fever went up. It's hard but keep having fun.

Glad you joined my give away on my blog. I'll be doing more since I have more books.

JacciM said...

Fevers here, too. Although, there's been a loooong span between children - drawing it out quite a bit. Sorry to hear you all are feeling so puny.

To answer your CM carnival question, click on the title of one of your own posts. You'll see up in the address bar of your computer that each post has its own special address. This is called the permalink URL. Copy the permalink URL for the blog post you'd like to submit to the carnival. Then, click on the CM Blog Carnival button (I have one on my site) and follow the directions for the submission page. That's it :) I'm hosting the Tenth Anniversary Edition (and I also wound up hosting this week's, too, last minute). I'd love to have an entry from you :)


Rhonda said...

Sorry to hear that your daughter is still running a fever. I hope that it passes soon.

I visited the Project FeederWatch site and printed out the homeschool curriculum and placed it in a binder. My girls are going to enjoy this and it will be a great refresher course for my oldest daughter when we begin.

The photos of the hummingbird and her nest was wonderful. Those are some amazing little birds and one of my favorites. We have them a lot here in the spring at the feeder and enjoy watching them.

Robin said...

Oh, Dana, those hummingbird photos were SO cool! I love babies of all kind, but you don't get to see hummingbird babies very often. :-)
I hope Alexandra feels better tomorrow. Speaking of sweet little babies.

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