Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Queen of the Night

I had to share another youtube video from The Magic Flute. Alexandra and I both LOVE this song from The Magic Flute. We actually first heard this song, The Queen of the Night's Aria, and Papageno's Song on The World's Very Best Opera for Kids... in English. (Could someone please leave a comment explaining how I can get photos of books and CDs from Amazon on my blog? Someone talked me through it once a long time ago, but I didn't try it and I've forgotten. Thanks!)

I'm not sure how kid-friendly this clip is - there is a dagger in the scene and the Queen of the Night is quite angry and her daughter, Princess Pamina, is very upset. Like the video of Papageno's Song, (previous post) you might want to fast-foward this one. The singing starts at about 2:10 and our favorite part starts at about 2:48. It's incredible!!!

In this scene, (it's in German so you probably won't understand it), the Queen of the Night is angry at Sarastro, the King of the Light. The Queen of the Night gives Princess Pamina, her daughter, a dagger so she can kill Sarastro. We love the Queen's voice and sometimes I sing that song, especially the part where the notes are so high. (by Alexandra)



Teacher of One said...

Right click on the image
choose the folder you want it in
then upload pic as you would your own.

live4evermom said...

go to the amazon site and look on the left column and go to associates program and sign up. Once you have signed up and made your password it will take you to the page where you have a column on the left again called Build Links/Widgets. Click on Products Links and go from there. I save my link to the associates page so all I have to do it click and I'm there. Hope that helps.

Heidi said...

We'll have to check this youtube video out, thanks for sharing.
Whenever I do anything with widgits it takes a lot of time and patience so wait till you have the time and energy...then just patiently work through it all...live4evermom pretty much summed it up...

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