Thursday, January 03, 2008

A bird? A leaf?

Yesterday, I saw a bird fly into one of our sago palms. I thought that was strange and looked and saw what I thought was his belly. Then I thought it must be a leaf and not a bird. So, I got out my binoculars and still wasn't sure.

Alexandra and I went outside to investigate. I kept changing my mind as to whether it was a bird or a leaf. As we got closer, I saw it was indeed a bird! He was hangind upside down by one foot! (white "spot" in the middle of the photo in the sago)

I hope you can see the little bird hidden in this picture. You can even see his eye in the middle of the photo. We got pretty close before he flew away - I guess he figured he was hidden pretty well. I realized it was one of our goldfinches that has been visiting us lately.

I went online and read that they often feed upside down in bushes. Well, I don't think he was feeding, but I guess he was just hanging out! I really thought the bird must be hurt when I saw him hanging upside down by one foot! I was glad to see he was just fine!


live4evermom said...

What a great find. I just love to get a picture of something and then learn about it.

Robin said...

I honestly couldn't see anything in the first picture, even when I enlarged it. But I could see the little cutie in the second picture. That's amazing! You've got some pretty good peepers to be able to catch that!
Have you and Alexandra ever done a Power Point project? You get so many cool pictures of birds that it would be cool to put them into a presentation to show her Daddy.
We did one a while ago when our zoo pictures started piling up. I still need to figure out how to get music into a presentation. But it's fun to watch. :-)

Marsha said...

I have never seen any birds in our sago palms-- guess I need to look more closely! Pine needles, yes. Birds, nope. Not yet anyway.

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