Thursday, April 22, 2010

Dragonfly Nymph Exoskeleton

Here is another amazing "find" from my time outside at our Healthy Habitat yesterday. At first, we thought this "skin" was full, but after taking several photos, I was convinced it was empty.

It's a dragonfly nymph's exoskeleton or skin. A dragonfly actually spends most of its life underwater as a swimming, wingless nymph. Then, when it is ready to complete its metamorphosis, it will climb out of the water on a stem and emerge from its exoskeleton or skin.

After I was sure it was empty, I picked this reed and took some better photos.
Isn't it amazing? And, I'm wondering what the white thread-like tissue is that is near where the dragonfly crawled out. Anyone know?

Now I want to get a net, my microscope, and see if I can find some more nymphs! And, of course, see what other creatures we discover.


Donna said...

Great pictures also : )

Donna said...

Wow! I love that..we have dragon flies all over the place..wish I could ship a bottle of pond water to you. My son loves checking things out with his microscope. You would enjoy it. I tried once to get a video of all the beautiful dragon flies at our home..but it just didn't work. What a find!!

Rhonda said...

Such a great find! I am noticing that we are having more and more dragonflies around our area. Hmmm you know that they means? The mosquitoes are about to begin here. :0(

Robin said...

You never cease to amaze me! That is just so cool. I don't know why I never spot things like this. Very good eye!

Paula (Belgium) said...

Amazingly good photo's! So close up.

Last year I wrote an educational story of 'our' dragon fly. It add it my URL on this page. I wish I had your photo's back then.
Now I going to read about Alcatraz.

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