Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Insects in our Healthy Habitat... and a Alex Holds a Baby Opossum!

I had another amazing day walking around the Healthy Habitat on our co-op property. Here are a few of the amazing things we saw:

A horned caterpillar which will become a sphinx moth. I hope you can see the amazing textures on both the leaf and the caterpillar!

It was a lot of work getting a good photo of this katydid. But, he was very patient! And, I was again amazed at the many textures on this small creature. I hope you can enlarge it even more. It is an amazing creation!

Two solid orange ladybugs. I thought this photo came out well. When I find insects like this on our nature walks, the children tell me they are playing leap frog. So, I guess they're playing leap frog!

We found these caterpillars on a plant in the pond. They had been very busy chewing these plants. I love how you can see through their bodies!

And, one of the families found 3 baby opossums and they are rehabilitating them. They brought them to show us and they are so precious! Alex named this one Shady. It was the only girl and Alex's favorite. It was really calm and would just cling to her arm. All of them loved to be held.


Rhonda said...

All of the photos are wonderful, Dana. I was able to see every little detail of each one. The "leapfrog" ladybugs just cracked me up. The things that kids will come up with. That little opossum is just as cute as can be, but once they are grown they are not so cute anymore. I was throwing out my garbage one night and there was one right by my garbage can. I screamed, it hissed, and I threw my garbage bag at it and went running into the house screaming like a mad woman. LOL!

Rachel @ Finding Joy said...

Amazing pictures. I really like the horned caterpillar and the opossums. I don't think I've ever seen one that close up!


Donna said...

Hi! You are such an incredible photographer! Wow! My kids always loved finding bugs and holding interesting animals. We loved visiting the wildlife rescue center in Houston. After a storm, they always had the raccoon babies.

Your daughter looks very happy!

By the way, I posted a video of a gorgeous asp crawling up and down a stick that you and your daughter might like to see. It's on my post about Mother's day. Also, I did an article that would be very helpful for you since you are homeschooling about our children's giftings..but I think you are already right on track. :o)

I'd love to have you visit--if you haven't already. :o)

Rachel @ Finding Joy said...

Thanks for your comment on my blog. I agree about the amazement of nature!

I saw on your profile you have a mfworld blog. We use tgat as well.

I'll be following you now!



Mama Teaching 3 said...

Amazing day! And holding that little one was the icing on the cake, I bet!

Sybille said...

You made so beautiful, amazing photos!!
And yes, I want to hold a baby oppossum in my hand, too! Must be a great experience!

Robin said...

Cade is so jealous of Alex! That little guy is just too darn cute! I agree with your first commenter, though. They are really creepy when they grow up.
Excellent pictures, as usual. :-D

lahbluebonnet said...

You are incredibly observant in finding those critters. What fun to hold the opposum!

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