Thursday, April 15, 2010

Chinatown (SF Trip Day 5)

After visiting Golden Gate Park, we took a taxi to Chinatown.

They still had the lanterns hanging up from Chinese New Year.

This is what one of the main streets look like. Chinatown in San Francisco has the largest population of Chinese outside of Asia!

Here's another photo of the streets. We enjoyed shopping here. There are lots of great little shops and things are pretty inexpensive. We ended up buying a rice bowl that had pandas on it and a couple of SF key chains.

I'm not sure what are in these barrels, but I loved how the shops were set up.

This is actually the first photo I took after getting out of the taxi. I love how this man is evidentally taking pride in his neighborhood and cleaning up the graffiti. Also, this is the only graffiti we saw here.

We had a DELICIOUS, not cheap dinner in Chinatown. I asked a couple of people where to eat in Chinatown. Both times they asked me what kind of food I wanted to eat. I thought that was pretty obvious (Chinese) until the asked did I want Cantonese? Chinese? Seafood? Also, I've heard there are good and not so good restaurants in Chinatown, so I'm thankful ours was so yummy!

Anyway, after Chinatown, we had to find our way back to one of the cable cars. Well, the trip was UPHILL... a BIG hill... about 2.5 LONG blocks. I'm not sure this photo does it justice, but here is Alex hiking up the long way to the cable car stop.

We are about 1.5 blocks up at this point, and you can see how far down we started. I had to keep stopping and letting my legs rest. It was hard work!

We made one more stop on this day... so I'll have one more post with "Day 5" on it. :-) (Only Day 6 & Day 7 to go after that!)


palmy said...

Good Morning, I am a italian teacher-mother-blogger... and I linked your blog on my ( your blog is very cute, see you soon!

Rhonda said...

OMGoodness! That last photo of Alex looks like something that would belong in a magazine! I love it! Wonderful photos as always.

Robin said...

Oh, I love all the China towns I've been to. You just can't get better food anywhere. What did you order?
Chinese is Cade's favorite food.

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