Friday, April 09, 2010

Dinosaur Valley State Park

Here's a post from a few weekends ago that I started and never finished. These were taken at Dinosaur Valley State Park which is in Glen Rose, Texas.

My sister and niece had been before, but we hadn't. It was a nice day, but we knew the water would be COLD and I was surpised that we'd have to wade across this stream to get to the fossilized dinosaur tracks.
And, when you DO cross over, these are the tracks. There is at least one near the lower left of the photo near the blue line and another in about the center of the photo.
So, first my brother (looking backwards) and his girlfriend (black shirt) took my niece and Alex across the water. Brrr!!! I had stayed to get my camera situated and take some photos.

So, I had to cross by myself! My mom decided not to cross and she took my photo. Yes, it was quite chilly and, in a few places, you have to take pretty big steps. I ended up just grabbing several "volunteers" to help me a few times! Everyone was really nice.
On the way back, I "hooked up" with this family. The dad (in brown) is carrying the younger daughter while the mom and I are helping their other daughter. Every time she needed to cross from rock to rock, the girl would just pick up her feet and let the water take her away. (The water was pretty swift.) It was really funny, and a little bit difficult!

Alex and her cousin had so much fun that they went back across on their own! (One time was plenty for me.)
Don't they look like they're having fun? And, in the summer, you can swim in this area. My niece was disappointed that we didn't swim, but it was very cold (as I've mentioned).
Here they are posing for me. We all had a wonderful day out at the dinosaur park! We plan on doing this again next year. Maybe we could go when it is warmer...


Rhonda said...

Brrr I bet that the water was ice cold. I know that here it is still too chilly for a swim although I did see some kiddos swimming in pools last weekend. Nope,not me! That water has to be mighty warm for me to dip my feet in it. I do love dipping my feet into a nice cold stream on a hot summer day though.

Robin said...

I wanna go! That looks like so much fun. It's just the kind of thing that Bruce and my kids would really go for.
I'm not sure if I would have been very good about the cold water, though. I'm a cold water wienie.

Liese4 said...

Yeah, it's much nicer in the summer after a belly full of Dr. Pepper.

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