Friday, April 16, 2010

Lombard Street (SF Trip Day 5)

We finally finished our hike up the long, steep hill and found the cable car stop. (It wasn't easy as a sign was missing!) We planned on riding it back all the way to its last stop which was across the street from our hotel. But, the cable car stopped to let people on and off at Lombard Street - and I had to get off.

I love Lombard Street! Isn't it neat? The cable car stopped at the top of the hill and we walked down the steps to the bottom. There wasn't much traffic at the bottom of the hill, so we joined a few others in the middle of the intersection to take photos.

This is supposed to be the crookedest street in the world. But, one of our guides (I forget which tour) said it wasn't... Wall Street is actually the crookedest street in the world. Anyway... :-) Do you see the little yellow car on the right? You could rent these and Alex kept asking to. It's one of those things we didn't get to, though. It sure looks like fun! Especially for a ride down Lombard Street!

My mom mentioned she always takes photos of signs on famous streets. So, here it is: Lombard!

This is a photo from the top of Lombard Street. I took this before deciding we needed to hop off the cable car and walk down the street. You can get a pretty good idea of  how steep the hills are in SF!
And, here's just another photo I took this day. It's of Coit Tower, which I really meant to visit, but didn't.

After taking photos of Lombard Street, we decided it'd be easier to walk back to our hotel instead of walking up Lombard Street to catch the cable car. It didn't look like that far on the map, but I think it ended up being about a mile. Remember, we had already walked around Golden Gate Park, the Conservatory of Flowers, the California Academy of Sciences, and the Japanese Tea Gardens. We'd also walked through Chinatown and up the 2.5 steep blocks to meet our cable car. Now, we walked about another mile back to the hotel. Whew!!! We were tired.

I'm glad some of your are still enjoying reading about our trip. This is my 15th post about our trip, and I'm not done! Maybe I'll be done before we travel again! Really, there are only 3 days left, so I hope to finish up soon.


Jamie {See Jamie blog} said...

Wow, what a neat street! I'm loving reading about your trip!

Paula (Belgium) said...

I wish all streets were as green as Lombard Street!

Rhonda said...

That street just looks so cool. I have to go along with Alex, I think that riding down that street in one of those little yellow cars would have been a lot of fun.

Robin said...

What a beautiful street! Although, I couldn't imagine actually driving down it. Maybe in that little toy car that Alex liked so well. They have some of those in DC as well. They do look pretty fun.
And I don't know about other folks, but I'm certainly not sick of your SF posts. You could be your own blogging travelpedia site!

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