Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Any Ideas for Co-op Open House?

I will be teaching at our co-op for the first time next year. I'll be teaching RS4K Chemistry Level 1 to 4th through 7th graders. I'll also be using some of their KOGS.

So, here's my question. We'll be having an Open House next week and each teacher will have a table. Most of the teachers have taught before and are bringing sample of what they've done, photos, even boards with all of the information on them. Well, since I've never taught this class before, I'm struggling with what to put on my table &/or board! So, far I don't even have all of the books!

My plans at this point are:
  • a copy of the text book - borrowed
  • I printed the 1st chapters of the KOGS I'm using (free off internet) and will put them in folders with a see-through cover
  • brochures describing my 2 classes (chemistry and KOGS) and my background - for those of you who don't know, I was a public school middle school science teacher and I have 3 semesters of college chemistry
  • a cool copy of the periodic table I have by Theodore Gray, though it might be too large
  • I might see if I can borrow some chemical models
I've thought about displaying some science equipment, though I'd have to buy or borrow some. Or even doing a few experiments this weekend and taking photos - though they wouldn't be from the book. We'll have several Open Houses, so I would probably make a board (like a science fair board) if I came up with enough "stuff" to put on it.

Thanks for any ideas! - Dana


Paula (Belgium) said...

Hi Dana, We use True Books by Salvatore Tocci and ,like you, The Periodic Table. My daughter (8) can't get enough of The Periodic Table: Elements with Style by Simon Basher. It is very funny and smartly written.
Anyhow, with your background, you will be fine! Wish we could join your chemistry class.

Thank you for visiting my blog. My daughter and I enjoy your comments.

Melissa Telling said...

Jimmie has a Squidoo lens on chemistry that might have some ideas for you.

Liese4 said...

You'll do fine, here are a few chem links though.

Teacher of One said...

What you have sounds fine. If you want it to look "pretty" you could add some pictures or beakers filled with kool-ade but you list sounds fine.

We are doing Chenistry next year. I came home from Convention with a neat placemat periodic table, Basher's Periodic Table book and a Ein-o Molecular set. I cannot wait!

MommyShan said...

Hi! We are finishing up Chemistry with this series. I have the books and all of the KOGS if you'd like to borrow them. I've got several ideas for your table but it would probably be better communicated in an email. :-)
Your kids are so lucky to have you for a teacher!

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