Wednesday, August 29, 2007

UV Beads

Today Alexandra and I tested some UV beads using some Steve Spangler experiments. I was doing this in preparation for a group science day, but a storm rolled in at the wrong time.

We tested our sunscreen with the beads. I didn't let it "soak", so maybe we should try that (actually, the website says to put them in a baggie and coat the baggie), but there was only a tiny difference between the beads "wearing" sunscreen and those without. I also tested my sunglasses. Wow! The beads didn't change colors at all!

We also thought it was neat that I was doing these experiements in total shade! I could even do it near the window which is in the shade. And, it was a fairly cloudy day. However, when it was raining and I decided I wanted to take a photograph, I had to open a door and step outside to get a good color change.

Steve Spangler's site has quite a few other ideas and I'm sure we could come up with some of our own - like testing our clothes! Have fun with science!!!


theotherbear said...

That is pretty cool. I actually think they look pretty. I suppose they'd get brighter though if you tried to make anything out of them though!
Thanks for visiting my blog :)

Robin said...

That is really cool! Aquagirl has been fascinated, since we left the beach, with some nail polish that she bought that does the same thing. It's pink indoors, but once you go outside, it turns a brilliant shade of shiny, purple. I'll have to ask her put sunscreen on one toe and see if it stays pink. That's an unusual experiment, huh?
I'm very comforted by the sunglasses experiment. I have really sensitive eyes, and now feel confident that I really am protecting them.

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