Monday, August 06, 2007

Nature Walk in the Park

Since I had so much fun with my camera in the backyard yesterday, I decided to take Alexandra to our local park today for a nature walk with our cameras. I planned on leaving about 8:30 before it got to hot. We ended up leaving at 10. It was hot, but at least we were in the shade!


Tri-colored heron


Nutria. I had never seen or heard of these animals until we moved to the Houston area about 10 years ago. This invasive rodent has webbed hind feet and bright yellowish orange teeth. They can weigh over 35 pounds! I would guess this one is over 15 pounds. Cool Fact: The female nutria's "mammary glands" are on her back so she can swim as she nurses!


Anonymous said...

Hi there,
It seems we are in sync once again! Alex & I went on a nature walk at the local park today too. AND WOULDN"T YOU KNOW I LEFT MY CAMERA IN THE CAR!!!! Anyway, we found a turtle crawing along a stream. I was turning over logs (we're studying insects this week) and we found two frogs burrowed inside (great chance to sing the song speckled frogs on a speckled log).
We also saw a funnel spider web (I think) and lots of other things...hardly any insects but a great day exploring.
Take care,
Alycia & Alex
The Power of One

PS- We tried the solar oven and gave you a shout out on our blog for that :)

Robin said...

That nutria looks just like a beaver that's been visiting our pool lately. You got a great photo of him. It must be a great park to have so many nature photo opportunities. I love all your nature photos. :-)

Teacher of One said...

Nutria... what a neat animal. We'll have to research him.

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