Monday, August 13, 2007

spinning webs & catching worms

I've tried to upload a photo I recorded last week, but so far haven't had any luck. So, I thought I better go ahead and post what I do have, even though the video was much better than the photo !

On Thursday morning, within about 20 minutes, Alexandra and I saw 2 incredible sites. First, we watched a spider spinning its web. This was the second spiny-backed orb weaver we'd seen and they are right next to each other. (Now we've found a 3rd in a different part of the yard!)This one is white, while the other one was yellow. And, this one is about 1/2 inch, while the yellow one is about 1/4 inch wide. If you enlarge this photo, you can see that he has completed the outside of his web, but the inside is not finished. We watched him go around and around his web pulling the threads out with 2 hind feet and then connecting it to the "spokes." It was an amazing site!

Then, just minutes later, I came across this little brown toad and started taking his picture. I took about 20 photos and they all turned out blurry! I was trying to keep my distance so I wouldn't scare him. And, I was trying to show how well camouflaged he was in the dirt. Well, all of a sudden, he grabbed a worm! (He's sitting on it in the photo.) I kept taking photos and finally took some video (which turned out well). He kept grabbing the worm and throwing him in the air. We probably watched the 2 of them for about 5 minutes when I accidentally scared the toad as I tried to get a little closer. So, my daughter was happy that the worm got away. (She even had made a sign that said "Go, worm, go!" and was cheering for it! :-) What an amazing, natural experience!

(Try enlarging it.)

Lastly, I wanted to share this photo of the smaller spider. I was having such a hard time focusing on him as he's so small. I finally thought to use a mist bottle to mist his web. It had a beautiful effect and my camera would now focus on the web instead of on the fence in the background. I love this photo!

Hope you have a nature-filled, awe-of-God-filled day!

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Robin said...

Those are the coolest little spiders I've ever seen. And I sure do wish I could see that video. How long was the video? Sometimes it's hard to upload long ones.

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