Monday, August 27, 2007

Getting Dizzy!!!

Oh, cool! Blogger just added a new video button to the posting page so I thought I'd try to post a short video. We were visiting my mom, sister, niece, brother & his girlfriend this weekend. Alexandra and her cousin rode on a Carousel that also has a teacup that goes round & round & round. What a way to get dizzy!!! (Well, they didn't seem dizzy, but I would have gotten sick!)


cryssi said...

Sighs...I remember the days of riding those things. I cant wait to take my kids on them. So much fun...I hope Second grade goes well..I really like what yall do for school. So much fun while still learning.


Robin said...

Ugh! GB loves this ride, also. I could take it or leave it. He gets in and wants to spin the center column like crazy.....
I'm glad that Blogger finally got you a video button. Now I'll be expecting some cool little videos. ;-)

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