Sunday, August 12, 2007

Steve Spangler Science

We recently received our first order from Stever Spangler Science. What fun! We ordered a glow in the dark squidy which I made work like magic after watching Steve's video. We ordered color changing UV beads that I'll be using with our homeschool group. And, with a few other things, we ordered these 6 baby soda bottles with rack and guide.
Did you know Steve calls these baby soda bottles because they will "grow up" to become 2 liter soda bottles? They actually take these and heat them and blow them up in a mold and they become our 2 liter bottles!

Anyay, Steve said just give the kids some and let them go. I gave Alexandra some ideas of things she might want to put in them and she spent about an hour, mainly on her own, mixing up her own tubes and then showing them to me. We plan on doing a lot with these little tubes. They're lots of fun! And educational, too!
Steve's site has lots of experiments and videos that look like lots of fun. If you've never seen his site, check it out!


Robin said...

That's a great web site! It gave me some good ideas for GB. Thanks for pointing it out!

Anonymous said...

We love that site!Always something fun and interesting there.

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