Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Season of the Love Bug

I didn't know what Love Bugs were until we moved to Texas. Well, it is now Love Bug season once again. Love Bugs fly around "paired up" this time of year. I happened upon this couple perched on a leaf and thought it was the perfect opportunity for a photo. In a few more weeks, they'll be everywhere! They get in your house, your car, etc, etc. Yes, love is in the air!


Sherri said...

They're horrible!! They just take over EVERYTHING once they come around..how frustrating..what a mess!!!

Robin said...

When I lived in Kansas, these little "buggers" were so pervasive that we had to fit our car with a mask and wear hats to keep them out of our hair. I remember that I also swallowed a lot of them unintentionally.....ewwww! They've given me the heebies ever since.

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