Friday, April 06, 2007

Colorado Trip: Friday

I'm glad to be back on-line and able to post more about our trip to Colorado!

Last Friday, while in Denver, we went to the Museum of Science and History. I thought this infrared picture was neat. Basically, my skin showed red, or warm. But, Alexandra had a green nose, yellow cheeks, and blue (cold!) hands. We tried warming her hands up, but it didn't make much difference. She had just played in a cold water table, though.

A large part of the museum contained "stuffed" animals from different regions of the world. They were amazing displays!

Next, we went to Dinosaur Ridge. This was the first time I've ever seen dinosaur foot prints in their original location! Actually, it wasn't as amazing as I though they would be, but I'm still glad we saw them.

Next, we climbed our mountain. I think this was Alexandra's favorite part of the whole trip and wish we could have done more of it. The weather was an amazing 70+ degrees. (It did cool down the last 2 days of our trip.) This first photo is of Alexandra and Nana looking at the scenery from "almost" the top. (We climbed a little farther, but didn't make it all the way.)

This might be gross, but we felt like real nature explorers when we first found some deer scat on "our" mountain. Then, we saw it... everywhere. And, lots of it. :-) We saw deer at least 4 different times on our trip, and here is some more evidence!

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Robin said...

You are so funny! You should be at our house. We have deer in our yard EVERY day. We back up to Pocahantas State Park, so they come visit us all the time.
That infrarred picture is really cool. I can see your camera in the photo, too. It looks almost as cold as Alexandra's hands. ;)

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