Thursday, April 19, 2007

Bird Walk Photos

Birds are hard to photograph! I love my new camera, but it just doesn't have the zoom power needed for this type of photography. So, I'll have to post some of the photos that did work.

There was lots of wild honeysuckle every where we went. I showed the children how I used to lick the nectar when I was a childYummy! And it smells so good!
Two of the alligators we saw. I even got a video recording of one of them sliding into the water to swim towards us. You can also see quite a few birds on the salt marsh in the background. They were mainly egrets, herons, and various ducks. (You might need to click on it to enlarge it.)

The snake skin the girls found near the snake in a tree.

Roseate Spoonbills and Great Egrets nesting on an island. This was an incredible, noisy site. There were even a few baby Egrets in the nests!!! And, at least one alligator watching from the shore.

Alexandra feeding the sea gulls that followed the ferry. The gulls actually took the crackers from her hand! I tried it, too, and it was exciting... and a little scary.

And here's a photo of some pelicans we saw from the ferry. I LOVE pelicans and wish we would have had time to look for some more. Maybe next time!!!


Robin said...

Since you guys are into your bird study, I thought I'd pass on this web-cam of some baby eagles. The camera is only on during daylight hours, so the best viewing is in the morning. Yesterday I got to watch the mama eagle bring food to her babies. When I just checked it, they were sleeping. This is over on the East coast, and the feeding was around 8:30 am here, yesterday. But I'm sure they feed often.

Marcie said...

I just found your blog and it's wonderful! I love roseate spoonbills. We have a rookery not far from us where we can watch them nest along with great egrets.

New Iberia, LA

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