Friday, April 06, 2007

Royal Gorge

On Tuesday, we drove to Royal Gorge which is about an hour from Colorado Springs. This was our first chilly day. Alexandra REALLY wanted to ride the aerial tram. Nana and I weren't too sure about it, but we went with her and really enjoyed it. Above is a view from the tram - it's a LONG way down!

We walked across the bridge later. Here's a photo of it from the tram.

They had a few animals there, but my favorite was this rare white buffalo.

Here's a photo of the 3 of us on the bridge taken by another visitor to the Royal Gorge. The bridge was actually a little scarier than the tram. There are some pretty large gaps between the boards that you can see through. Also, when a car would cross the bridge, the whole thing would shake for a minute or two.

A view of the river through a crack in the bridge.

Signs on the bridge.

Photo of the tram from the bridge.

We also went down to the bottom of the gorge on a little train-type ride. Above is a photo of the bridge from the bottom of the gorge. I took about 100 photos most days, so it's been hard to narrow it to just a few per day to post! :-)


Grace at Home said...

Y'all are some brave ladies! It looks like you are having a ball but I have to admit I couldn't have done some of the things you are doing! I'm enjoying your pictures and updates though!
Dee (

Robin said...

Sweeeet!! I have to admit to getting a weird kind of thrill from being VERY high up. This kind of bridge would have really hiked up my adrenaline. And the tram....OH, man! Wish I'd been there!
Alexandra, you just keep pushing your Mom and Nana. That way they get to do really exciting things, and we get to watch! Te-he!

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