Sunday, December 17, 2006

Spring Schedule

I have really been doing a lot of research, thinking, and praying about our spring schedule. I am really getting excited about the changes we'll be making! Here's m planned schedule:
  • Math - continuing with RightStart C (we're about 3/5ths through)
  • Language Arts - switching to Learning Language Arts Through Literature, Yellow Book -Alexandra's spelling has improveds a LOT from Saxon Phonics 2 this year, but I'm ready for a change
  • Handwriting - we'll be using a workbook by Evan Moor - we have been just creating our own materials - she'll also be learning cursive from LLATL! (this actually might be too much writing for Alexandra... I had just bought the Evan Moor workbook and then decided on LLATL a few days later, which also includes lots of writing - I'll have to watch Alexandra and see if it is too much)
  • History - continuing with SOTW but I will be adding my own activities - 2 times a week
  • Science - we'll be using Living Learning Books to study the human body - I'm excited because this curriculum is laid out just how I like! It lists both fiction & non-fiction books to read, a few activities, and some internet sites - 2 times a week
  • Bible - continuing Romans with BSF (Bible Study Fellowship)
I'd like to do more (especially art), but I think this system seems very doable. If it goes well, we can add some more later if I think it would work. And, I'm going to put everything else away so I don't feel like I have so much to do! :-)

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Shona Cole said...

this looks like a great schedule. It reminds me I need to work on ours!

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