Saturday, December 23, 2006

2 Days Until Christmas

(Photo above: I've been playing around with my in-law's camera which is almost the same camera I'm planning on buying - this was one of my favorite pictures I took yesterday of their decorations.)
Today, the rest of the family arrived here in Kansas for Christmas, so we are ready for Christmas. In my husband's family, they open the gifts on Christmas Eve after dinner, so we'll be opening them tomorrow. Then, since Santa comes during the night, we get to open some more on Christmas morning!

Alexandra and her Nana made some peanut butter kiss cookies this morning.

Lots and lots of goodies... for just 9 people! (This is just a "sampling" - and sample I did!)

This dog is Pandy's cousin - Alexandra has really been loving on her. She had surgery a few days ago to remove her diseased eye. I was so glad that although it was pretty cold, it was very sunny and perfect for playing outside for awhile. (I miss our Texas weather!)

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