Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Baby Moses

We've moved on to the next chapter in SOTW and we are studying Moses. The first part was about Moses as a baby. We enjoyed the story and then we made our own "basket" out of Model Magic.

We then put the basket in the pool to see if it would float! We did this BEFORE we put baby Moses in the basket, because we didn't want her to sink. :-) After seeing it WOULD float, we added our baby Moses (who is actually a girl doll playing a boy)

The basket floated for a few minutes, and then started to fill with water. Alexandra saved "baby Moses" by picking her up by the hair. I guess it's good our Moses had plenty of hair! (the photo is kind of dark, but hopefully you can make it out)
Tomorrow, we move on to the "10 plagues" and the "Red Sea." I've got some neat things planned and I'm excited! I'm so glad Alexandra enjoyed history today. Trying the basket IN the water was a spur of the moment idea, and I'm glad it worked!
Good book we read: Moses in the Bulrushes retold by Hutton - I espeically liked the illustration of the basket - it's what we used when we made ours

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