Monday, December 11, 2006

SOTW Ch. 13 - Hatshepsut & King Tut

We've been doing SOTW (Story of the World) Vol. 1 this year which covers ancient history. We have the workbook, but I just haven't been very inspired with the activities so far. We've only done a few. So, in an effort to make our school days more fun & memorable, I decided to do what I usually do on a subject - research on the internet. So, to spice up learning about Hatshepsut & King Tut, and hopefully learn & remember more, here is what I found:

In Dallas, I saw a sign for an exhibit about Hatshepsut! It closes Dec 31st, so we probably won't get to see it, but I found a slide show of 19 of the objects that are part of the exhibit. This is from The Metropolitan Museum of Art:{92C8F718-137B-4AE6-9FAA-C8DA6CCE72CC} If this link doesn't work, I just googled "hatshepsut museum". On the site, there is a button that says "view a slideshow." I also read about Hatshepsut at the Kimbell Art Museum site from Fort Worth at

Also, we played a great game online called Hatshepsut's Revenge. It's actually about King Tut being haunted by Hatshepsut. It takes about 45 minutes or more, and my daughter enjoyed it so much that she wanted to play again! We "spiced it up" by going all over the house as we "looked for clues." I just took my lapbook along with me and when it says something like, "you go to the bedroom..." well, we went to the bedroom. You can find the game by googling: "Hatshepsut's Revenge."

Our next chapter is about Moses and I have some great plans for us! :-)

Great book about Tut - Tutankhamen's Gift by Sabuda - this really reinforces this part of SOTW and we enjoyed finding the 2 cats on most pages

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