Saturday, December 02, 2006

Animal Safari

On the way home from Thanksgiving, Alexandra and I stopped at a drive-through animal park where you can feed the animals from your car. This was the 2nd time she'd been through one of these, and she loved it. What was also neat was that no one else was there, so the animals were really crowding around the car!

Some highlights:

  • seeing 2 baby giraffes
  • having a emu chase us like a little puppy - he just wouldn't give up!
  • feeding & petting 10 donkeys - the only thing we touched
  • seeing 2 pot-bellied pigs - Alexandra LOVED these, and I've never seen one at a drive-through park before
  • seeing a baby iguana (this was inside the gift shop - it was riding on its mom's back)
  • spending almost 2 hours just looking at the animals and the beautiful scenery
  • we had our dog, Pandy, in her kennel in the car - she was silent the whole time EXCEPT when we stopped by a caged lion - she went crazy barking! It was pretty funny. I guess she smelled something to be afraid of!

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