Monday, December 25, 2006

Christmas Eve Photos

Alexandra and her aunt's now one-eyed dog, Sunny. She sure loves dogs! We also played a game of family football while we were outside. I almost knocked over our 86-year-old great grandfather! It wasn't exactly my fault...

Our dog, Pandy, checking out her Christmas gift.
Alexandra opening one of her many gifts. She mainly got books & movies from us. We only gave her 2 toys - a little electronic game which turned out to not be very much fun and a ball that you sit on to jump which we haven't blown up yet.

The toy that she got that have been used the most today: PlayStation 2 from Santa! She got The Twelve Dancing Princesses which she's played quite a bit and now her and Daddy are playing the Tiger Woods golf game that Daddy got from Santa.
She's also been enjoying: her metal detector (found the property line marker outside), a Pogo ball to jump on, and a nerf-type rocket (it works really well).

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