Saturday, April 08, 2006

Roly Poly (Pillbug)

Last night we were sitting outside by the pool doing Botany and I saw a roly poly! Well, I had never seen any in our yard before, but now I think it's because I haven't paid a lot of attention. We had our magnifying glass, so we looked closely at it. Then, Alexandra put it into her bug habitat and named it Polly. While searching through the grass we found quite a few ants, a bright green, curled-up inch worm (or something like that) which we think was dead, and 2 more roly polys. Their names are: Spot & Sarah. We looked them up on the computer to find out more about them. What a great time we had studying nature!

  • Pillbugs by Donna Schaffer
  • Rolypolyology by Ross - great book about how to keep your roly polys alive!

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