Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Cascarones (confetti eggs)

Today at our library Alexandra made cascarones. I wasn't familiar with these eggs that are a cross between Easter eggs and a party favor. I read about them at this site: http://texas.allinfoabout.com/sanantonio/fiesta_cascarones.html .

The librarians had already washed the egg shells. Alexandra dyed the eggs just like we dye Easter eggs. She stuffed them full of confetti through the hole on the top and glued a piece of tissue paper on top of the hole so the confetti wouldn't fall out.

According to the website, the proper way to use the egg is to crack it over someone's head, but not to smash it on their head as this could hurt. I'd read on another website that this is supposed to shower the person with good luck.

The next day, Alexandra had me crack a few of these over her head. And, of course she had to crack a few over mine, too.

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