Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Print Making

On Friday, the Houston Museum of Fine Arts came to our local library to do a craft time. The instructor taught us, kids and adults, how to make prints. It was so much fun! I think the grown-ups had as much fun as the children.

We used a stylus or pencil to etch into a piece of styrofoam. Then, we used a roller to apply paint to our design. Then, we placed a piece of paper on our etching and gently rubbed it to transfer the paint. The results were wonderful! I'll have to scan a few of them. And, I plan on doing this again! It's be a great way to illustrate a book or poem, too.

The 2 pink prints were made by Alexandra - she made at least a dozen! :-) I made the black one - I made 3 altogether.

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