Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Authors, Books & Libraries

In preparation for making her own book, we are reading about authors this week.
  • Roald Dahl: The Champion Storyteller (What's Their Story?) by Shavick - fascinating story & life!
  • Author: A True Story by Helen Lester (author of the Tacky the Penguin books we loved - we will now read more of her stories!) - GREAT story! Funny! Tells about her writing from the time she was young until she was being published. We highly recommend.
  • My Writing Day by David A. Adler - we love this author and his autobiography for kids is a fun read, too. We liked finding references to books we've read.
  • In Flight with David McPHail: A Creative Autobiography by David McPhail - when she was longer, Alexandra and I both loved "Pigs Aplenty, Pigs Galore" which we first saw on Between the Lions - this book really shows how he makes books from writing the stories, dealing with the editor, making the pictures, etc - good book to let kids see what an author/illustrator does to get a book published
  • Firetalking by Patricia Polacco - nice story about her life & a little background about some of her books - we are going to check out her book, Meteor!, after reading this autobiography

We are also reading about the history of books and the library.

  • Books and Libraries by Knowlton - great book explaining the history of writing, books & libraries in various places

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