Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Swim Team Season

Summer swim team is back in session! Their practices started two weeks ago. That first week was chilly, but most of the kids handled it well. (Thankfully, Alex doesn't get cold easily, but some of the kids looked really cold.) This week, our temperatures are around 90, but it is still cool and breezy when Alex swims. Her practice is the last of the day, from 7 to 8 pm.

Here's Alex at practice swimming breaststroke (I think).

Our trial meet was this Saturday. Before the meet, the coaches always lead a short pep rally. Here's the team getting ready to swim! For the trial meet, we "only" had to be there at 7 am -and it was at our pool so it only takes a few minutes. I think we usually have to be at away games at 7 (though some are 30 minutes away) and home games at 6:30. It's hard, but it is fun.

The parents have to volunteer so everything will happen that needs to happen. I am a tent mom this year for the 9/10 year old girls. That means I hang out in the tent with the girls as their parents might be volunteering somewhere else. I did this when Alex was 4 & 5 and it was a lot of work. But, at that age, we were constantly looking for goggles, swim caps, even girls! It is MUCH easier at this age.

Here's Alex (head down, arm up) swimming freestyle at the trial meet.

And, here's our team! Swimming is really big around here. Our team has 212 swimmers, and that is a "neighborhood" swim team. Actually, anyone who lives in a neighborhood that doesn't have a swim team can pick a team to join. If your neighborhood has a swim team, you cannot go to another team. The neighborhood next to us doesn't have a team, so these kids are mainly from those 2 neighborhoods.


live4evermom said...

7:00am??? No thanks, hehehe.

Robin said...

Goodness! That's a big team. We're hoping to go over a hundred kids this year. It ebbs and flows for our neighborhood. We have some good talent, though.
I like the idea of setting up all those tents. We don't do that. We just have the kids sprawl out anywhere, which does make it harder when looking for the littles.

Rhonda said...

Such a big swim team! We are early risers here, but I don't think that my girls would like to be in the water that early. Brrr! I am glad that Alex is having some fun.

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