Monday, May 17, 2010

3D Drawing with Mark Kistler...LIVE!

Mark Kistler has been teaching 3D drawing for over 30 years. We are fortunate that he lives in the Houston area. And, today, Alex and I got to take a free, 45 minute class at our co-op.

In the 45 minutes, he showed us how to draw 4 basic drawings. I really liked Alex's robot.

Here is Mr. Kistler showing us how to draw. He has lots of lessons on his website, and you can buy a discounted subscription at Homeschool Buyers Co-op. We bought the lessons a little over a year ago and are really happy with them. Mr. Kistler (or Mr. Mark) teaches both summer camps and year-round lessons in the Houston area and we are looking into signing Alex up for some classes.

Mark Kistler also has a new series airing on PBS on Saturdays. You can check your local station for details. And, he has an app for iPhones called "Drawing with Mark Kistler." There are free lessons both on his website and with the app. (And, yes, these are my 4 drawings from today. My favorite was the fish.)

*I am not affiliated with Mark Kistler in any way. I just enjoy his method of teaching art.


live4evermom said...

Kistler is fun. I love his books and I was able to attend one of his workshops a few years back and it was fun. If only I could get my boys to one of his classes. They would really love that. Glad you both had fun.

Kristina said...

We got attend one of his workshops earlier this year. We all really enjoyed it. I've explored his website a little. I need to let the boys loose on it.

Paula (Belgium) said...

Wish we had such a wonderful homeschool-co op!

Trudy Callan said...

I was wondering if you would be so kind as to do a wonderful review for Shona on Amazon about her book if you haven't done so already?

Caseybumpinalong said...

Love your blog! I just downloaded the iphone app - can't wait to try it out. Thanks for the suggestion.

Donna said...

Cute Dana! Wow..I've been wanting to know of someone who could do art lessons for my youngest son. He would love this. You said Houston you live near me? (relatively speaking of course)

Email me and let me know! I'm so curious!

Liese4 said...

OMG! I used to watch him on PBS and draw with him, cool.

lahbluebonnet said...

Those are great. I take back what I said. I DID notice your tab but forgot. I think I found a template for my blog that I can tweak and it has tabs at the top for my entries. I'm going to look at your comment later to find that web site and see if it makes sense about the tab someone suggested. Need to take my dh to kidney stone appt today.
Oh we plan to pick up our art lessons in a few weeks.

Robin said...

Hi Dana,
I'm back! I've come to catch up on your blog.
What a great opportunity. I've actually heard about this guy. How cool that you could actually take a course from him.
Have fun!

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